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Sensuva On Power Glide For Him 3ml

$4.99 per Unit

Minimum Quantity required is 12



POWER GLIDE is a fast-acting gel that dramatically heightens sensation for men and increases blood flow.
It makes men feel thicker, firmer and maximizes their satisfaction. This unique Gel-Hybrid technology provides a silky glide that is massaged directly onto the penis and is pleasant to apply.
WHAT WILL MEN FEEL USING POWER GLIDE?The sensations are dramatic! Some of the possible sensations men might feel include: tingling, buzzing, warmth, increased blood flow, and a slight increase in girth. Every man is different, and what he feels could fluctuate.
HOW LONG DO THE EFFECTS LAST?The effects are temporary and can last up to an hour. Experimenting using different amounts. Use more if desired.
CAN POWER GLIDE BE USED WITH A PARTNER?Yes! Some men will use this as a prep product prior to intercourse to maximize their performance and feel more sensation. He should wipe away the excess before entering his partner. He will continue to feel the pleasurable sensation of the gel after it is wiped off, and it is possible (though, less likely) that his partner may feel some sensation as well. Some couples use Power Glide to enhance manual stimulation, he will enjoy both the sensation of Power Glide and the application!
CAN POWER GLIDE BE USED WHILE WEARING A CONDOM?Yes! If he is using it with a condom, wipe the excess away before putting on a condom (so it doesn`t slip off). There is no oil in POWER GLIDE so it does not damage latex. This is a great idea for men who have less sensation while wearing condoms.
OTHER TIPSGreat for men who have diminished sensation due to diabetes, being on medication or poor blood circulation.Safe to use vaginally, anally and orally.Latex friendly

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.02 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 0.01 in
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